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Dec 10, 2013 6:30pm EST
your singing. >> reporter: across the country south africa stopped to watch and listen. president obama who received a raucous welcome from the crowd spoke about mandela's closeness to his people. >> his struggle was your struggle. his triumph was your triumph. >> reporter: four u.s. presidents attended this grand memorial service. that's never happened before overseas and they seemed to get into the festive spirit of the event. president obama joining the british and danish prime ministers in a selfie white president bush posed with bono of u 2. this may be the most controversial picture, president obama shaking hands with cuban president castro. moments later a sharp jab at repressive rulers like castro. >> there are too many leaders that claim solidarity but do not tolerate it from their own people. >> reporter: this was a family day, too. the entire mandela family here in mourning and celebration. on it went and no one seemed to want to leave to let go. >> we just have three more speakers -- >> reporter: archbishop desmond tutu, a friend of mandela tried to bring it to a close. >> i
Dec 9, 2013 5:30pm PST
to nelson mandela and world leaders from across the globe descending on south africa, including american presidents past and present. today president and mrs. obama were seen boarding air force one and on board a kind of presidential car pool. former first lady, secretary hillary clinton and laura bush and former president george w. bush. on board the group sharing memories of mandela as all eyes turned toward johannesburg and the service now just hours away. abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran is there. >> reporter: doves released into the skies outside nelson mandela's home today, a fitting tribute for a great man of peace. in johannesburg, meanwhile, it was all business. workers prepping the fnb stadium, capacity 94,000, for the massive memorial service taking place here tomorrow. security preparations are intense, and with good reason. the world has never seen a gathering of leaders like this one. flying in from more than 90 countries, from argentina to pakistan, trinidad to china, including four u.s. presidents, obama, who has been chosen to speak tomorrow and thr
Dec 6, 2013 6:30pm EST
bright as yesterday, but love will carry on. >> reporter: the emotion in soweto is electric. south africans are expected to turn out in full force at next week's memorial event which will be attended by president barack obama and the first lady. so many are expected to turn out, it's believed it will rival the funeral services for pope john paul ii when millions attended. diane. >> alex, thank you so much. as you said, we did learn late today, president and mrs. obama will travel to the memorial services next weekend. they will be on board air force 1, riding with them some former residents of the white house, president george w. bush and mrs. bush. >>> another former president is remembering mandela today. president bill clinton, who talked with the anchor of this week, george stephanopoulos. >> he once told me that he lived on hatred, when he went into prison. he said after 11 years he realized that they had taken about everything they could take from him except his mind and heart. he said, i realized that those are things you have to give away, and i decided not to give them awa
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)